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We Are Recruiting – Join Our Team!

It’s been a long journey perfecting Tamore to its current standing. I can still remember practicing nail designs in my bedroom every day after work. Now, it is my work. My days are filled with artistic expression freckled on every fingertip I encounter.


I love my job. I love my craft. Now? It’s time to expand my empire.


I am extremely pleased to announce Tamore nails are recruiting! I am on the look-out for talented nail technicians who can replicate the standard and style we provide. Most importantly, I want a team that can join the Tamore family. In my first blog I discussed the ethos and meaning behind our work. My business was born out of a desire to spread love through nail art, but also through therapeutic, positive customer service – in short, your personality and skill will need to be on the same chord.


Applying for jobs can be incredibly daunting, so in true Tamore fashion, here’s a helping hand to ease the process. Below are the main qualities I’m looking for in my future employees:


Well presented

Not just on the outside, either. The model Tamore candidate will have a professional exterior but will also mimic the same traits in their personality. Tamore nails is known for its diverse client base. We need applicants who radiate the core of Tamore in their style and mind-set.



As mentioned in The Story So Far,  I strive with all of my being to avoid the stereotypical customer service received in nail salons. Cold-coated attitudes not only alienate clients but ruin the reputation of businesses. I want my customers to engage with us. Whether their problem surrounds their nail style choice, or perhaps they need to offload about their day in the board-room. They can rely on our ears and hears being open. There is no room for negativity at Tamore.


Creative. Modern. Versatile.

I will always encourage freedom of expression through art. Nail craft is a beautiful and creative way of expressing the personality our clients want to unleash. Your work will breathe life into their idea.

As well as creative flare, I want my new team to have a splash of modernity and versatility to their work. A large number of my clients are young professionals who constantly battle with balancing their corporate settings with their vibrant personality. My fabulous new team will help merge their professional and creative qualities into a style for the world to marvel at. Although your talents will evolve by working for me; I would love for the applicant to have a wealth of designs in their portfolio. Our styles are as diverse as our clients. We will always cater for them.



A genuine love for the craft is essential. This will not just be a means to pay bills. This could be the start of an amazing, fulfilling career in nail art. Surrounded by my positive, tranquil environment, my new team will grow in talent and confidence. I only ask one thing: do it because you love it


So, do you have what it takes to join the Tamore family?






Written by Tamore



To book an appointment or to ask an enquiry, please click here.

Let’s begin your nail journey together!



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