Tamore Nails | Tamore Nails – The Story So Far
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Tamore Nails – The Story So Far

Whether you’re the CEO of a business or master of the school run – our nails endure everything we touch. They are an extension of ourselves; and as such, they should be draped in class, sass and distinction. No exceptions.




With the right shape and style, our nails can debut our creativity and illustrate the type of women we are to the world – a fact every client will embody on their journey with Tamore


How did Tamore Nails get started?

I started my journey in 2009. If I wasn’t travelling on the bus to meet my next client; I was at home, constantly cultivating my talent. Gradually, my designs caught the attention of women from a variety of backgrounds. Once I invested in a car (I had way too much nail varnish to carry on public transport), I was able to travel further afield to a plethora of new clients.


Although I’d developed my business, it needed a name that symbolised everything my service and I stood for. Tranquillity. Professionalism. Care. Style. Positivity. So, I decided to marry my first name with ‘amore’ meaning love – and just like that, Tamore nails was born!



Birmingham based nail technician finds her creativity through nail art


The Tamore Experience

An appointment with Tamore nails is a revitalizing experience. With over ten years specialising in nail art, clients old and new can be confident in my intuition. It is my job to extend your distinctive allure onto your fingertips. I always INTEND TO deliver above and beyond expectations.


But most importantly, Tamore and positivity are family. With my policy of “no negativity allowed”, clients enter into a nest of peace. I tailor the appointment to you: we can talk, laugh (I love to laugh) watch movies in the background – anything that releases positive energy. Tamore transcends nail therapy into friendship with a professional, artistic edge. Nails are an extension of you, and that includes your mind, too.



Classy nails for a sophisticated allure


Good value – good values.

There is nothing worse than having a bad day and sub-par customer service adds a sour cherry onto an already stale cake. I, like so many others have experienced this, so I vowed to be different. I always ask myself three questions – what can I do to help someone feel:



At ease?


I always promise to go the extra mile, so for those who do not know the process. I will break it down in a way that can be understood.  No-one should leave Tamore feeling worse than they entered. Not on my watch.


In all…

Our service guarantees quality, style, consistency and 100% positivity.


Tamore is a mind-set.


Be bold – It’s time to put love back in your hands.



Written by Tamore



To book an appointment or to ask an enquiry, please click here.

Let’s begin your nail journey together!




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